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     Once upon a time in Detroit there was a girl that loved to shop.  Shopping has always been a part of her life, ever since she was a young child. Her mother and her would frequent malls every weekend, for every celebration, disappointment or just to pass time.  No matter the price of the item, if this girl loved the item, her mother would purchase it.  As she grew older, she would do the same. This would continue for many years, occuring in many cities, states and countries all over the world.  Buying many top designer name brands such as Gucci and Prada at full retail price. 

     Once this girl moved out on her own and became an adult, it was a little more difficult to keep the same standards and lifestyle, since she has to pay rent, car note, and other neccessities.  Some thing had to change! 

The Recessionista was born in 2003!  

     Because of her upbringing this chick wanted to remain fly as well as be a responsible steward of her finances, so she began to shop for top brands and not so top brands at discount prices. 
    A little mellowdramatic...but very true!  LOL!  This is me!  I am a chick that loves to shop, I find myself shopping pretty much every other day, I have become an awesome window shopper as well, I find a lot of deals and I would like to share them with others, as I feel this is a talent that God has blessed me with.  I hope you can have fun with me in this journey.  

     Please send me any information that you may have on bargins/deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, hair products and anything girlie!  ;o)  

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Thank you & God Bless!

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